Holesky Testnet


Morph Holesky Testnet: Elevating Blockchain Innovation

We're excited to announce a thrilling new chapter in our path to redefine the blockchain landscape. Fresh off the successful launch of the Morph Sepolia Testnet, we're stepping up our game with the introduction of our latest working: the Morph Holesky Testnet. This isn't just an update; it's a leap towards the cutting-edge performance and robust features our upcoming mainnet will bring to the table.

What’s Brewing with Morph's Holesky Testnet?

Enhanced Performance and Infrastructure

Our new testnet jumps into action with Ethereum Holesky as its foundational Layer 1, establishing a new benchmark in performance and gearing up for a seamless transition into our mainnet’s infrastructure. This advancement is not just about speed; it’s about setting up a stable and efficient groundwork for what's coming next.

Advanced Features to Get Excited About

EIP-4844 Optimistic zkEVM Integration: Dive into lower transaction costs like never before. This integration is at the forefront, making your blockchain operations easier.

Revamped Bridge Mechanism: We've totally reworked our bridge mechanism. Now, enjoy the convenience of finalizing withdrawals in a single transaction. Talk about an upgrade in user experience!

Decentralized Sequencer Network: With a stronger backbone supported by fully decentralized modules and a broader network of sequencers, our network’s reliability and security are more robust than ever.

What This Means for You

For Our Testnet Users:
We value the role you played in the Morph Sepolia testnet. Now, we're inviting you to step into the realm of Holesky. Experience lower fees and an enriched user interface that sets new standards in blockchain interaction.
New Holesky Bridge

For Developers:

While your existing contracts on Morph Sepolia will remain operational for the time being, we're nudging you towards making the switch to Holesky.
Migrate your contracts smoothly with our step-by-step guide.
Use the Holesky testnet explorer to monitor your deployments and interactions seamlessly.
Integrate your applications with our new and improved bridge with the help of our latest documentation.
For those who are new to our platform, you'll find a lot of code examples to help you hit the ground running.

Next Steps for Developers

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, the pathway remains unchanged:

Understanding Morph: Get to know us better on the About Morph Page.
Dive Into the Mechanics: Understand the inner workings of Morph’s technology.
Quick Start Guide: Kick off your development journey equipped with our quickstart guide.
Build on Morph: Let your creativity loose with our comprehensive Developer Documentation.


Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Be a part of this exciting phase; help shape the ecosystem and be at the forefront of a Consumer Blockchain Revolution that’s set to redefine our interactions with technology. We can’t wait to see the amazing innovations you’ll bring to life.

Cheers to innovation and transformation,
The Morph Team