Morph Developer Resources

Morph Developer Resources

Getting started building on an EVM network can be a daunting task. You often have to look at the tools you want to use in your tech stack and figure out the best way to glue the different Lego pieces of web3 together. One of our goals on the Morph Devrel team is to make this Lego building process easier so you can focus on what matters: delivering value to your users. 


If you want to skip the workshops and just get started, check out the Morph Examples Github repo:

Getting Started

However, before we get started on the Lego building, let's look at how you can onboard yourself into the Morph Ecosystem as a developer. I'd recommend one of these two workshops below, depending on your team:

If your team is composed of more JavaScript developers with some web2 experience, a good tool with which to build, compile, test, and deploy your smart contracts would be Hardhat. My coworker and fellow Developer Relations teammate, Abril, has built a Getting Started on Morph workshop around Hardhat as the focus for deploying your first smart contract on Morph. You can take a look at this video here:

If your team would prefer to "stick to the solidity" and not worry about any JavaScript tooling, I highly recommend Foundry as an alternative. Foundry is a tool built with Rust that, similar to Hardhat, gives you a developer environment for building and deploying your smart contracts. Here is a similar getting started guide featuring Foundry:

The Full Stack  

Now that you're more familiar with Morph, it's time to get started on the base for your dApp. You can explore many tools for this, but here is our first full-stack morph workshop to help you use some of the latest tools in the Web3 space.

This workshop will take you from a Foundry Starting point into deploying and connecting a frontend to your deployed contract. You will learn the following tools in this workshop: 

  • WAGMI React Hooks - hooks help you connect with the EVM in React applications. 
  • Viem - the library that WAGMI is built on top of - we make use of Viem for some of its utilities. 
  • Next JS - one of the most popular tools for building frontend React applications in general - and a favorite among many Web3 teams. 

Get to Testing

Testing your smart contracts is essential before they go into audit or production. We have a follow-up to the full stack workshop where we begin writing tests for the smart contract built in the previous workshop:

In this workshop you'll get familiar with the basics of testing and begin exploring the world of Fuzz testing which is a more advanced form of writing tests for your smart contracts. 

The Resource Repository

As we continue helping folks build, we will continue adding more resources to the Morph Example repo, which already includes the code for what is covered in these various workshops and more! 

Take a look at the latest resources below:

Share your builds

We want to make sure you are not only well supported but that we can help you take your builds to the next level. The devrel team is accessible on Discord through our developer support channels. Let us know if there are new resources you would like to see made available.