Morph Weekly Roundup 5.20

After another great week at Morph we are excited to present to you another weekly update! It goes without saying we are always innovating and bringing things to the ecosystem to allow for all of us to succeed, company and consumer. So what do you say, lets get right into it!

Regional Discord Chats!

Take a step into our revamped regional discord channels! These chats are now optimized for your success, featuring new channels like Regional Announcements, Regional Content and more! There are several events hosted per week like meme competitions and Poker Tournaments. Soon we would like to expand into regionally hosted AMA's.

Here are the regions currently supported:
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Filipino, Hindi-Urdu, German, Spanish, Indonesian.

With all these channels added we are happy to announce Regional Contributors! These contributors have been exemplary community members that go above and beyond for Morph. This ultra exclusive role is only available for 5 members per region, you think you got what it takes? Get active today!

Galxe x Morph

Our tasks on Galxe are still live! Take part in this initiative TODAY! You will gain a share of 200,000 points for your participation of all tasks. To continue and expand upon this partnership we hosted a Twitter (X) spaces on the topic. We spoke about the tasks and initiatives, as well as what to expect in the future! Missed out on the ama? No worries! A recording is available down below.

Galxe x Morph Spaces

Angle x Morph

We are integrating with Angle Protocol to introduce USDA! Want to learn more? Learn from the source with this in depth thread on how this will benefit you.

Retro Bridge x Morph

You can now bridge to Morph Holesky Testnet through Retro Bridge! RetroBridge is a robust Multichain ecosystem and gateway to seamless connectivity across various EVM and non-EVM chains.

This partnership and integration allows for more diversity and expansion on Morph. We vow to bring only the best onto Morph to enhance the experience! We are so excited for this integration and cant wait for more!

RapChain x Morph

This one is exciting! RapChain is now on Morph Holesky testnet and available for interaction. RapChain allows you to create raps via a proprietary ai system with several characters like Eric Cartman, Donald Trump and our very own Morphy! We are so excited to further this partnership as we host ama sessions, community initiatives and more. Speaking of spaces, we held one last week that went into detail on the partnership and what to expect in the future. You can listen to that recording here.

Moving forward there will be another AMA on May 30th to continue the discussion and to allow a more open stage session for questions and support. You don't want to miss it!

Morphing Consensus 2024

We are going to Consensus! From May 29th to May 31st, visit us in Austin Texas for this stellar event! With many speakers like Chris Dixon of a16z crypto, Lynn Martin of the NYSE and US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy JR.

What is Consensus?
Consensus is the world’s largest, longest-running and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community.

From hard-hitting conversations with visionary speakers to hands-on workshops aimed at solving industry challenges, developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers and more will walk away with the tools and insights needed to continue laying the foundation of a more decentralized future.

PingPong x Morph

The first DePINFi Money Market is now live on Holesky Testnet. With a beautiful UI and an innovative platform, PingPong is the perfect fit for the Morph ecosystem!

You can take part and find out more about PingPong here!

PublicAI x Morph

Another partnership? Yep! PublicAi is a distributed Ai network that connects individuals and businesses with a global network of workers, aiming to create 4 billion data jobs by 2050!

This collaboration will integrate PublicAI's advanced AI capabilities into the Morph ecosystem, significantly enhancing the intelligence and functionality of on-chain applications. By doing so, we aim to lower the barrier for consumer contributions to large AI models.