Morph Weekly Roundup 6.17

Welcome back to another Weekly Roundup where we will be going over the updates and developments for the entire week. This week was full of exciting news and partnerships. Lets jump right in.

Talking Morph with Devntellxyz

Cecilia Hsueh and Abril Zucchi kicked off a discussion about Morph on the Developer Dao DevnTell. This highly touted talk show had thousands of views spreading the good news to all! If you havent checked it out, please do! Our non-ai CEO and Head of Devrel knocked it our of the park!

Calling All Developers

We now have a new way to keep up to date on all things Developer in the realm of Morph! This new Morph Dev Twitter will be constantly updated with all things you need to succeed. Coming shortly after our complete revamp of the Discord developer portal, this complements the space perfectly. What are you waiting for? Follow today!
Morph Dev Twitter

Goldsky x Morph AMA

A new exciting partnership has kicked off with Golsky and we couldn't be happier. From our consumer centric approach to theirs, this partnership aims to provide valuable information to all Morph consumers with Goldsky's data indexers. You can listen to a recording of the ama here!

Morph x Biconomy

Morph and Biconomy announce a huge partnership, aiming to redefine the blockchain space as we know it.

This partnership is a great example of synergy in action. At Morph, we stand out as the first consumer blockchain, focusing on creating an ecosystem of dApps and services that can benefit all users. Unlike the approach of the many predecessors that have driven us to the predicament described above, we deliberately try to avoid technologies that burden regular users and consumers. Biconomy’s technology is a manifestation of the same spirit, taking the staring away from users. It’s impossible to overstate just how perfectly our visions align.  

With Biconomy integrated into Morph’s ecosystem, we’re positioned to deliver a truly seamless blockchain experience. Users can look forward to a frictionless interaction with dApps, benefiting from gasless transactions and simplified operations. This not only enhances the user experience but also promotes wider adoption by removing the technical barriers that often deter new users.

A New Way to Stream

We are introducing a new way to stream our content at Morph. You may be familiar with our Fundamental Fridays and Office Hours sessions. Well we are now not only streaming these on Discord, but on X (Twitter) as well. On our live feed you'll be able to tell when we are live! So if you see it, join in! You can watch last weeks Fundamental Fridays here!

More Updates from Starland.AI

Event Data for This Week:
Total Ethereum Addresses: 27,093
Completed: 7,328
Total avatar interactions: 583,345

Starland AI is killing it! We have seen so many of our community members take part in the amazing platform. Keep creating and expanding! We love the interaction and love Starland.AI!

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