Morph Weekly Roundup 4.1

The Future of Decentralized AI

We had an amazing conversation on twitter spaces this week highlighting the future of decentralized AI and what we need to do to improve it!

David Sneider | Co-Founder & CEO Lit Protocol
Bidhan R. | Founder & CEO Bagel Network
Cameron Dennis | Ecosystem at Near Protocol
Prashant Maurya | Founder & CEO Spheron Network
David Shi | Co-Founder & CEO Operator io
Ally Haire | Founder & CEO Lilypad Network
Azeem Khan | Co-Founder & COO MorphL2
Abril Zucchi | Developer Relations MorphL2

These were just some of the amazing speakers we had on the space. We hope to pave a path of mass adoption and progression of Decentralized AI in a way never seen before.

If you missed the space but would still like to listen it can be found here!

Hong Kong Here We Come!

We will be in Hong Kong on April 9th, 2024 at the Hack.Summit() Hackathon event at Cyberport. Hosted by HackVC and Blockchain Academy, and co-hosted by RockTree Capital, Berachain, Solana Foundation, ScalingX, Aurora, Morph, and The Graph, the Hack.Summit() Hackathon will take place from April 9th to April 10th at Cyberport in Hong Kong. The event aims to gather outstanding blockchain developers from around the world, with over 30 teams already registered, competing for a prize pool of over 300,000 Hong Kong dollars. This event is the first large-scale hackathon during the Hong Kong Web3 Festival and marks the first time the valued at $1.5 billion public chain, Berachain, holds a large-scale offline hackathon in Asia, injecting top development talent into Hong Kong.

Want to register? Do it Here:

We’re Hacking In Shanghai! 

That's right! Morph will be in Shanghai on April 13th through the 14th for the OpenBuildxyz x Chainlink Solidity Mini-HackerHouse!

Apply here:

BitgetWallet Airdrops

We are teaming up with BitGetWallet to airdrop over 18 Million ( Yes, 18 Million) BWB Points! As we continue to build, more and more initiatives will become available for our users. A special thanks to BitGet for being amazing partners!

Here is the criteria for the airdrop:
1. Deployment of contracts on the Morph testnet
2. Interaction with ETH or USDT on the Morph testnet
3. Interaction with ETH at least 5 times on the Morph testnet.

Eligibility: Meeting any of the above conditions qualifies you for the BWB Points airdrop.

You can learn more here:

Sparkloom Hackathon Updates

Our Hackathon with Buidlbox is still underway! Although a lot of time has come off the clock, it isn't too late to sign up. There are 375+ of you buidling with us but there is always room for more. All submissions are closed on April 21st, 2024. So hurry before its too late. So many diverse projects are being built!

Here is the breakdown:

🛒 consumer-centric: 28 projects
🧠 innovation: 36 projects
🤖 AI: 20 projects
📝 no code: 20 projects

Lets bump these numbers up! Additionally, there are many perks to participating in the hackathon. First off you get a unique Limited Edition role in our Discord server. This role will never be available to the general public and goes away once submissions close. Then we have our Buidler Spotlights, a campaign where we take your amazing projects and highlight them on our socials to help get your name out there. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the $20,000+ in prizes… I guess that's cool too!


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