Morph Weekly Roundup 4.15

Another week goes by and we welcome you to another weekly roundup presented by Morph. This week was hectic and jam packed with updates from our team. From announced partnerships to parties in Dubai, we've got you covered. So what do you say we get right into it?

The Ocean of Dubai

This week several of the team members travelled to Dubai for Token2049. What they didn't realize is with the crypto conference came the liquidity! Dubai was slapped with major storms from Monday into Tuesday causing major flooding and delays. Our Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Rahat Chowdhury, was stuck in traffic for hours in what should've been a 20 minute ride. About as efficient as Layer 1 Blockchains.


Torrential downpour over parts of the UAE cause series flooding in Dubai.

Although inconvenient, the memes have been wonderful and Dubai was very hospitable in giving everyone water front properties for the week. Kudos Dubai! Now that the jokes are out of the way, lets get into what the team did in this very eventful week.

Testnet Dubai

Once Rahat swam to shore from his Uber he attended the Testnet Dubai Dev Mini Summit hosted by Metaschool. This event was an immersive day of learning, networking, and community building featuring many guests from Berachain, Solana, Biconomy and more. Rahat got the chance to host the AMA with the OG DevRels in the space. Once the session concluded participants were free to socialize and network with likeminded and hardworking individuals.

This event was so popular amongst the crowd they had to close entry! Way too many people wanted to see Rahat! (Jokes... but not really)

Hack Seasons Dubai (Formerly ZK Seasons)

Hack Seasons is a series of community events that feature famous speakers from the world of Zero-Knowledge, DePIN, Bitcoin L2, Modular Blockchains and more. This year, due to popular demand, they expanded their agenda by adding more topics and covering the newest trends. This was a great way to network and learn with the smartest minds in web3.

Cecilia Hseuh, our fearless CEO, dove into the vast Morph ecosystem in a presentation at this event. This day would've been a better day to rain and flood cause Cecilia was on FIRE!

Workshop @ Builder Day Dubai

Described as, "​Join us for a full day of immersive learning and inspiration tailored specifically for web3 builders. From groundbreaking technologies to innovative approaches, Builders Day is your gateway to exploring the cutting edge of web3 development." This workshop was heaven for all builders looking to create the future of web3 together.

Rahat conducted a workshop on Account Abstraction at this event. What in the world is account abstraction you may ask, let me ask Rahat hold on...

Account abstraction within blockchain systems is a concept that allows for assets to be exclusively held by smart contracts rather than being controlled by externally-owned accounts (EOAs). This technology enhances user account management, enabling features such as adaptable gas payments for users, transaction batching for streamlined multi-transaction experiences with a single click, and various on-chain UX enhancements.

A special thanks to Francesco Andreoli and Mirko Garozzo for the invite that allowed us to teach the world about aspects of blockchain.

Morph at TOKEN2049

Described as the Premier Crypto Event, Token2049 took place in Dubai from April 18th-19th 2024. Founders and executives from top Web3 companies and projects provide their insights on the industry. Token2049 offers a comprehensive look at global developments, while offering a distinctive and broad perspective on the ecosystem and its extensive opportunities.

See us there? Let us know on social medias!

Sparkloom Incubator Program

We are continuing to announce more mentors for our Sparkloom Incubator Program day by day! These individuals will be able to guide and support you to your goals better then anyone on earth. From staff at Dragonfly to your very own MorphL2, we've got you covered.

Additionally, we have been getting almost too many applications for this program. The way things have been trending we realized more time might be needed to allow all of you to apply. With that being said applications have been extended until May 5th, 2024. Get your applications in soon!

That's the announcement.

Brunch N' Babes

Brunch n' Babes is an event that aims to celebrate all the amazing women in this space, highlighting the adversity and progress that has been made. With that being said, I would like to take the time to shoutout the wonderful women in Morph that attended Dubai this week.

Abril Zucchi

Formerly at Fleek and, Abril Zucchi has been our Developer Relations Engineer for 3 months. In this time she has expanded our Developer Community exponentially, accommodating developers from all over the world.

Gloria Kimbwala

Formerly at Gitcoin, Gloria is our current Director of Global Events! Ever met us at an event and was met with amazing information, unbeatable kindness and a display out of this world? Yep, Gloria did that.

Cecilia Hsueh

Former CEO of Phemex, Cecilia is now the CEO and Co-Founder of yours truly, MorphL2. Leading all of us into battle, she is incredibly smart and courageous. Cecilia has been rewriting norms since day 1 and we cant wait to follow her lead on this incredible journey.

These incredible women deserve to be recognized not just on special occasions, but everyday. Breaking barriers and showing why Morph is different from the rest.

How to DAO Dubai

How To DAO Dubai is a top-tier event showcasing the newest advancements in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and blockchain technology. This exclusive gathering will highlight a single stage hosting 15 prominent speakers from around the world, situated in the dynamic landscape of Dubai's innovation hub.

One of the 15 speakers is our very own Azeem Khan, Co-Founder and COO of Morph. Promising to be a great way to gather wisdom and network! Discover the prime gathering for entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and those intrigued by the internet-native evolution. This event offers an enticing blend of learning, motivation, and networking, spotlighting the revolutionary potential of DAOs and blockchain tech.


We are not done... not even close. To top of this hectic and busy week we will be attending ETHDubai from April 20th-21st. This conference is a one stop shop for the ETH ecosystem featuring tons of speakers, hackathons and workshops.

Speaking of speakers, Rahat Chowdhury spoke on April 21st with Beyond The Typos: Leveraging Open Source in your Web3 Career. And Abril Zucchi spoke shortly after on the 21st with Getting started with MorphL2: A new EVM L2 scaling solution.

Closing out

Well this took forever to type and my hands hurt so it brings me joy to say that's all the updates we had for this week! We are so thankful that we were able to attend Dubai to meet so many amazing people and tell the world about the gamechanger that is Morph. We are nonetheless excited to be back home for a short stint before our next event!

Thank you for being a part of this expanding community and supporting us on this journey.

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