Morph Weekly Roundup 4.29

Sparkloom Hackathon Winners!

With the conclusion of the Hackathon, we wrap up a month-long, action-packed event featuring 646 builders, 129 submissions, and over $20,000 in prizes. This hackathon was a blast, we want to thank all the participants for making this event as special as possible. To the the Winners, congratulations.

The Hackathon featured 4 Tracks builders could submit projects under, each featuring their own prize pool and criteria.
Consumer Centric ($6,000)
Innovation ($6,000)
AI ($6,000)
No Code ($2,000)

Consumer-Centric 1st Place: Airdrop Marketplace

Airdrop Marketplace is a platform for degens and virtually anyone seeking to farm airdrops but lacks a single reliable hub accessible in an incentivized manner.

Our goal is to solve this problem using Morph's staking pools.

You can watch the demo here

Innovation Track 1st Place: AE Studio

A decentralized computing platform for zk proofs. In essence, we aim to provide a platform where users can register their idle computing power with the network to receive tokens for each constraint computed during the ZKP.

You can watch the demo here.

AI Track 1st Place: MorphIDE

MorphIDE is an online AI-powered IDE with a special focus on Morph. It uses assistants trained on custom data about Morph and Solidity.

You can watch the demo here.

We are so happy and thrilled with these winners, but it doesn't end here. All Sparkloom Hackathon winners are eligible for the Incubator Program. Incubated projects receive benefits like sharing in airdrop allocations, access to our suite of Mentors, and more.

Incubator Twitter Spaces

There were so many questions regarding the Sparkloom Incubator Program, we love the enthusiasm! Due to this we hosted a Twitter Spaces to help answer these questions. Couldn't make it? No worries!

You can listen to the recording here: Sparkloom Incubator Spaces

The Incubator Applications end on May 5th, so act fast!

Workshop with Morph x LearnWeb3

The Workshop with Morph x LearnWeb3 has been postponed! It will now take place on Tuesday, May 7th!

Want to Level Up with Morph?

Introducing our NEW Ecosystem Initiative.

Call of Morphy is a NEW way to get interactive and receive rewards in the ecosystem. With Daily, Weekly and miscellaneous challenges. Similar to video games, you will complete certain tasks in the ecosystem and be rewarded with Experience Points (XP)and levels in the discord. What do these Levels get you? REWARDS!!! Offering these challenges will always give you something to strive for in our ecosystem! Completing all challenges on the set day will also unlock an extra reward!

Want to join in?
Join our Discord.

A Look Ahead

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