Morph Weekly Roundup 4.8

Sparkloom Incubator Program

Are you working on the next big thing, but just need a helping hand?

Welcome to the Sparkloom Incubator Program by Morph, a hub of support, mentors, and incentives coming together to propel you towards success.This program can empower you to achieve your goals through the Morph ecosystem. With several amazing mentors it can be the perfect place for you and your project.

Want more information? Check out this article!

Signup for the Incubator program here:

The Road to Dubai

We're on the Road to Dubai.. 

Morph is set to embark on the journey to Dubai Blockchain Week from Apr 16 to Apr 22!  

There will be so much to do and interact with morph at this event. For more information visit the twitter thread below to see what Morph has planned!

Morph x BitgetWallet Airdrop!

This week we held and ama with BitgetWallet Community manager Downcen to discuss information regarding this airdrop and some FAQ’s around it. There will be over 18 million BWB airdropped to loyal users across the ecosystem! With the event already kicked off and lasting until April 28th, 18:00 (UTC+8), there is still plenty of time to take part in these amazing initiatives.
You might be asking, how can I qualify? Its very easy!

1. Morph Loyal Users:
A. Deployment of contracts on the Morph testnet
B. Interaction with ETH or USDT on the Morph testnet
C. Interaction with ETH at least 5 times on the Morph testnet
Eligibility: Meeting any of the above conditions qualifies you for the BWB Points airdrop.

Of course, if you encounter any questions about BWB’s airdrop, you are welcome to get support in the many BitgetWallet community forums!

Find out more here:

Buidlbox x Morph Spaces

We were on spaces with Buidlbox to celebrate the halfway point in our Sparkloom hackathon! We spoke about what to expect moving forward, projects we have seen and loved so far and easy we can best help our builders succeed! Missed out? Dont worry! There will still be more easy to interact!

There is still plenty of time to take part in the Sparkloom Hackathon as well. Submissions close April 21st and judging begins right after on April 22nd. Lets see what you got!

Buidlbox x Morph hackathon Spaces:
Sparkloom Hackathon Signup:

Morph at HackSummit Hong Kong

Hack Summit in Hong Kong was a blast! We met so many amazing pioneers in the space and talented builders. Our fearless CEO Cecilia Hsueh got the opportunity to meet and talk at the event where there was also over $20,000 in prizes! We cant wait to see you at future events!

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