Morph Weekly Roundup 5.27

Welcome back to another edition of the Morph Weekly Roundup. This week was a good one with many AMA's, partnerships and updates from our always evolving ecosystem. So what do you say, lets get right into it!

BitgetWallet x Morph AMA

Participating in another AMA is always a treat, especially with an amazing community and partner like Bitget Wallet! Speaking about our partnership and the future of our advancements will always be a great opportunity.

We are always looking to be on more AMA's and spaces, if you have any suggestions let us know!

KlapAI (Formerly BitMetis) x Morph

This great partnership is something we are really excited about. Use KlapAI on Morph to craft AI UGC pieces using KlapAI's advanced AI generator. You will be able to mint your creation as NFT's on the Holesky testnet for free! Also completing easy tasks to earn Morph Points in the ecosystem. Get started today!

IQWIKI x Morph

IQWIKI is the worlds largest blockchain encyclopedia which now hosts information about Morph! Be sure to head to their website to learn more about Morph or blockchain as a whole. Or using "/ai' in our Telegram and Discord groups for an easy way to get your questions answered!

Network3 x Morph

Another exciting partnership in our ecosystem is with Network3! We share a common vision of seamless access to AI training, safety, and scalable real-world device engagement. Using our tech power and Network3's DePIN spotlight to accelerate the onboarding of users from web2 to web3, making it easy for both common users and developers!

Morph Holesky Stats

Lets take a break from partnerships for just a moment to look at our innovative Holesky Testnet stats!

  • Active Addresses: 518,755
  • Total Transactions: 6,339,897
  • Fun Times: Countless

Keep testing and keep having fun!

Morphing at Consensus

We were shaping the future of Ai at Consensus is Austin, TX! We saw a lot of you there and were so pleased with the event. Our very own Gloria and Azeem had a session where we got to speak to so many individuals about our passion and mission.

If you couldn't make it we hope to see you at future events, let us know where we should go next!

Until next week, take care!