Morph Weekly Roundup 6.3

We are back with another exciting weekly roundup for all of our amazing community members! This week was yet again so much fun and we would not wanna spend it with anyone else. So lets jump right into action, get excited!\

200k on Discord

Well, we did it. 200,000 members on Discord. An achievement like this is once in a lifetime, a goal a lot of companies don't come close to reaching. It is all thanks to you this was able to happen. We truly have the greatest community on earth.

We love all of you. Thank you.

Office Hours - Decentralized Sequencers

Ahh Decentralized Sequencers. What would we do without them? Well, a lot of chains are without them which is a cause for concern. Being a fresh topic in the blockchain space Abril Zucchi took the stage on our weekly Office Hours to discuss what they are, the benefits of having them and Morphs approach to them. The discussion was must see TV!

If you could not make it to Office Hours this past week, don't make that same mistake again! Tune in with us this Tuesday at 12 PM UTC-4!
Office Hours w/ Abril Zucchi

Consumer Chain Day

Keeping it shot, thank you Buenos Aires. Consumer chain day was a massive success! You can learn more in this link provided below!

10 Million Transactions

Thats right, Morph has hit the big time. 10 Million transactions is a huge milestone in our quest for blockchain domination. Without all of you, this would not be possible. Keep testing, Keep Zoo'ing, Keep Morphing.

ETH Global 2024!

Brussels here we come! From July 12th to July 14th Morph is crossing the pond for ETH Global! We cannot wait to see all of the amazing builders and consumers as we look to take over. Going? Let us know on twitter or Discord! Abril Zucchi will be hosting a workshop with ZK! You can learn more here.

So Much Galxe!

We love Galxe just as much as you do, that's why we have added more tasks and went on their radio show! With over 1,500 people in attendance the radio show was a massive hit, the chat was roaring with Morph enthusiasts and new members we now call our friends. Now onto the really fun stuff, the new tasks.

Morph - Summer Planet Hopper OAT Quest!

Your quest will take you some destinations. Start by obtaining a Member Role in Morph’s Community Discord Server. Meet other brave adventurers like you to share stories, news, and updates. With allies by your side, head to the Morph Holesky Expedition page to learn how you can earn part of the 200K Morph points up for grabs.

Jump right on it! This initiative will last until July 7th, 2024!
Summer Planet Hopper OAT Quest

Owlto x Morph

I know the partnerships have been void this weekly update! So how about we announce one. Owlto and Morph are kicking off an amazing partnership to bring Owlto's interoperable AI protocol to bridge ETH onto Morph.

Hemera x Morph

Another one! We're excited to announce our partnership with Hemera Protocol to integrate the high-performance, scalable Social Scan Explorer.

Experience new ways to track the chain!

Starland AI Update

A community favorite Starland AI has been killing it on our Holesky testnet! Here are some cool stats given by their team!

Total Ethereum Addresses: 10,102
Completed: 2,055
Total avatar interactions: 171,858

Also, a $1200 giveaway is here... don't miss out

100,000 Telegram Users

Lets end it off with more amazing news from our community. We have hit 100,000 Telegram users! This milestone was hit in the same day as the 200,000 milestone for Discord, what a day right? The Morph Community has been killing it! Lets keep it up and keep rolling.

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