Morph Weekly Roundup 7.1

July already? Time flies when you're having fun with Morph! Lets look back at the week to see what we accomplished and where we will be this coming week! July is gonna be a fun one!

ETH Brussels

Join us from July 7th - July 14th in Brussels for the biggest ETH event in the world! Jam packed with Keynotes, workshops, sessions and fun alike, this event is sure to knock your socks off. Morph will be attending many events as we have our team on the ground in Brussels. Want more information? Visit the tweet down below for all the events we will be attending and more! See you there!

Morphing with Domin

Morph is excited to announce our partnership with Domin! Domin rolls up real world commerce data to a multi-chain ecosystem, taking advantage of many systems like AI, DePin and NFT's. This function has a goal to optimize consumer data in dApps. Super cool right? As this partnership develops there will be more to discuss, but for now stay tuned!

The Morph Zoo - Get Your Tickets!

Featuring many partners and applications, the Morph Zoo is a fun way to interact and earn in our ecosystem. With all the apps we have to offer there will never be a dull moment. Want to join in? head to the Morph Zoo now!

And of course don't forget to follow our Zoo partners on X (Twitter) to ensure you stay up to date with all developments and updates for each respective ecosystem.

Did Someone Say Galxe?

More Galxe tasks are here as we enter the summer! Our pool party is just the place to relax and earn your OAT NFT. Ending on July 31st, the event hosts an array of challenges and quests to complete to earn that OAT. You do not want to miss out!

Link to Quest:


Keynote: Morph Ecosystem Introduction

We kicked off the Brussels event by speaking at Hack Seasons! This event featured speakers from the realms of Zero Knowledge, Layer 2's, Modular Blockchains, DePin and so many more. Cecilia Hsueh got to speak about the Morph Ecosystem as we kicked off this amazing week! Got to see it? Let us know!

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