Morph Weekly Roundup 6.10

Things are still flying along in the Morph ecosystem and we want you to know all about it! On this edition of the Morph weekly update there will be exciting news and recognition of our community. Lets kick it off.

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This is a big deal! Over 1 million wallet addresses have interacted with our testnet since launch! Absolutely blowing last weeks 600k+ out of the water. This is all thanks to you, who will stop at nothin g to test and interact with the zoo. We will be seeing millions more in no time! So keep testing and Keep Morphing.

Office Hours - Zero Knowledge

In this weeks edition of Office Hours we spoke about Zero Knowledge, which is a technology that helps developers build while maintaining privacy and security. Abril dove deep into the topic, talking about why it is so important, how Morph plans to utilize it and answering complex questions.

Missed out? Dont worry! This session was recorded and will be on YouTube shortly! Dont miss out on next weeks Office Hours either.

Rapchain AMA

Another week, another Rapchain x Morph ama! We love participating in these events as SongProtocol went over updates and cool features coming to Rapchain. Like the beginning of their testnet with their test tokens. There are some amazing things coming to their ecosystem, which they'll talk deeper about in their ama next Thursday! Don't miss that one! Update

Our ecosystem partner has some cool updates this week! There have been over 360,000 interactions on the platform through the Zoo! How amazing is that? With the platform seeing great interaction they are giving away $1200 USDC to a lucky participant and $300 weekly!

Morph Twitter

A huge reminder to go follow our twitter page to stay up to date on all developments and events in the Morph ecosystem, we cant wait to see you there!

The Stars Podcast

Our Co-Founder and COO, Azeem Khan, was a guest on The Stars Podcast. Hosted by Ron Jordan this podcast was on the topic of growth and how to have a growth mindset. Want some wisdom? Check it out!

The Stars Podcast w/ Azeem Khan

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