Morph x Biconomy

Dear Morph Community, 

We’re excited to welcome Biconomy, our newest ecosystem partner. This innovative project aligns perfectly with our vision of simplifying blockchain for everyday users.

What is Biconomy? 

Biconomy is a blockchain infrastructure platform that tackles Web 3’s increasing fragmentation and poor user experience head-on. 

If you have any experience using various dApps across different blockchains, you know exactly what the challenge is. The industry’s relentless pursuit of technical progress has yielded a plethora of alternative layer 1s, scalable layer 2s, and dedicated sidechains, each with unique advancements and benefits. Unfortunately, little to no consideration was given to the end-user experience. With every improvement came some added complexity, such as the need for multiple wallets, different native and utility tokens for gas fees, slow and complicated cross-chain bridges, and countless other headaches. It’s not just about the inconvenience, the fragmentation we’ve created isolates liquidity and decreases overall composability, preventing mass adoption. 

Biconomy is here to remedy the situation. The technology it employs is both sophisticated and sensible, but best left for a separate more comprehensive upcoming piece. Instead, let’s take a simpler approach, identifying some of the key features that make Biconomy outstanding. 

Features That Redefine Blockchain

  • Gasless Transactions: One of Biconomy's standout features is its ability to cover gas fees for users, making blockchain transactions as straightforward as possible. This is achieved through their dynamic 'Paymaster' service, which allows users to perform transactions without needing to hold native tokens for gas fees. It also allows users to pay gas fees in any other token they hold. 
  • Account Abstraction: Biconomy leverages ERC-4337 to create smart accounts that can batch multiple transactions into a single click. This significantly reduces the complexity of using dApps and enhances the overall user experience. Their Signless Experience makes it so that the only time you need to sign a MetaMask transaction is when you log in. As long as your session remains active, you won’t have to sign a single other transaction.    
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Biconomy supports transactions across multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and soon Morph’s mainnet among many others. This interoperability is crucial for the seamless transfer of assets and data between different blockchain ecosystems.

Though these are only some of the many ways Biconomy improves the blockchain experience, you should already be able to reimagine some common scenarios. Take the action of trading tokens on a DEX. Normally, this would involve having the right wallet and tokens (for gas and trading) and manually approving several different operations, ensuring you’re on the correct chain using the appropriate parameters. If we add cross-chain trades and bridging into the mix, the process becomes even more complex. In contrast, a DEX that leverages Biconomy’s tech can offer a Web 2-like experience, where a user’s single click can approve and trigger the entire sequence of transactions needed to perform a trade. This all happens in the background, and everything from making cross-chain operations to paying for gas fees with the correct native tokens is all taken care of on the user’s behalf.  

Start building with Biconomy on Morph

Strengthening Morph with Biconomy's Solutions

This partnership is a great example of synergy in action. At Morph, we stand out as the first consumer blockchain, focusing on creating an ecosystem of dApps and services that can benefit all users. Unlike the approach of the many predecessors that have driven us to the predicament described above, we deliberately try to avoid technologies that burden regular users and consumers. Biconomy’s technology is a manifestation of the same spirit, taking the staring away from users. It’s impossible to overstate just how perfectly our visions align.  

With Biconomy integrated into Morph’s ecosystem, we’re positioned to deliver a truly seamless blockchain experience. Users can look forward to a frictionless interaction with dApps, benefiting from gasless transactions and simplified operations. This not only enhances the user experience but also promotes wider adoption by removing the technical barriers that often deter new users.

Moreover, Biconomy’s cross-chain compatibility and robust SDK empower developers within our ecosystem to build sophisticated dApps without the usual complexities. By leveraging Biconomy’s solutions, we can focus on what truly matters – creating valuable and accessible applications that simplify the lives of our users.

Join us on this exciting journey with Biconomy, and stay tuned for more updates on how this partnership will continue to drive the evolution of our ecosystem.

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