Morph x RapChain

Dear Morph Community, 

Yet another celebratory day as we welcome our newest ecosystem and Morph Zoo partner, RapChain

What is RapChain?

RapChain is what you get when you combine Blockchain, Generative-AI, Memes, and Rap. It’s a platform dedicated to the creation of meme-raps. 

The process is quite simple. Spend some ETH, have the AI generate the bars for you, and then select one of the virtual MCs (including our very own MC Morphy the Koala) to make it come to life. Besides being extremely entertaining and creative, this automatically puts you in the running to win some ETH. 

You see, the act of creating a new rap that then gets added to a “chain” of other contestants’ raps is called getting “chained-up”. This is where some strategy and timing are involved. The game functions with timed rounds. Each round has 5 separate rap chains, your goal is to be the last rap in a chain by the time the clock runs out. If you are, then you win part of the prize pool. And if you’re the final rap on the longest of the 5 chains, you get an additional 10% bonus!

Best part is, everyone is guaranteed an ETH prize, but the devs have made sure it’s not as easy as simply waiting until the time is almost out to join and try to win the maximum prize. There’s a bonding curve system that essentially makes it more expensive to create raps as time goes on, so you really must be strategic with your entry. 

Why RapChain Hits the Right Notes with Morph 

At Morph, we’ve been quite vocal about our passion for services and applications that resonate with regular users and consumers. What more powerful connector than memes and music? This is precisely the type of creative outside-the-box application we wish to see more of. A unique blend of rap-and-earn, artificial intelligence, and blockchain that produces something entirely different than your typical uninspired DeFI application. 

It’s easy to use, allowing music lovers and regular users to produce something new yet relatable and familiar at the same time. It’s an excellent example of what consumer blockchain services can be. 

RapChain also exemplifies Morph’s approach of leveraging sophisticated technologies to drive innovation without placing the burden of its complexities onto users. Despite dealing with AI-generated content (AIGC), Intellectual property (IP), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a user doesn’t have to concern themselves with anything that’s happening in the background. They can simply enjoy the process of creating a new type of shareable content. Each creation is also represented by an NFT, meaning that in the future these could be traded or sold on platforms like OpenSea, endowing consumers with extra benefits. 

Morph’s Role in Amplifying RapChain’s Beat

Our partnership with RapChain strikes the perfect cord. They’ve created a fine prototype of a consumer blockchain service, and we will spare no effort to ensure it reaches our extensive community. 

The first of these initiatives is our Morph Zoo Program. Season 1, The Genesis Jungle is all about allowing our adventuring users to explore some of our foundational apps through our Holesky tesnet. Every DApp interaction will earn you Morph Points, relevant to our future airdrops and prizes. With RapChain it’s actually a symphony of points, as creating raps on their platform, will also reward you with their very own RapPoints (also factored into their future airdrops).

 Of course, this is only the beginning, as an early supporter and Morph ecosystem partner, RapChain will also benefit from our extensive network of investors, exchanges, and other partners. Additionally, we’ve created a variety of developer support functions and programs that offer both guidance and funds. Our goal is to help RapChain become the type of consumer blockchain service you will use every day. 

Come show your support for Morph and RapChain by participating in The Genesis Junge Now!

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