Morph Partner Highlight: What is PingPong (DePIN)?

We recently announced our exclusive partnership with PINGPONG, currently featured and testable through our Morph Zoo event. To help our community have a better understanding of the project, this article dissects its inner workings while providing a brief introduction to DePIN. 

What is PINGPONG? 

Don’t let the deceptively playful name fool you, PINGPONG has a lot of sophisticated tech going on. They’re the largest DePIN Liquidity and Service Aggregator. Just as Morph has combined the best of optimist and zk rollups to produce an optimistic zkEVM, PINGPONG has combined the best of DeFi and DePIN to pioneer #DePINFi

Yes, that’s a lot of jargon and terminology, but don’t worry we’ll break it down for you to reveal that PINGPONG’s value proposition is actually quite simple. 

Let’s start with a quick definition of DePIN:

DePIN, or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, is a way to use blockchain technology to manage and optimize physical infrastructure like computer servers, IoT devices, telecom networks, and energy grids. Instead of relying on central authorities, DePIN allows these systems to operate in a decentralized manner, enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency. 

This also means that you, as a normal consumer and user, can participate in both the maintenance and ownership of such infrastructure. In exchange for your contribution of assets and computational resources, you earn a variety of tokens or yields. 

So what does PINGPONG offer you?   

PINGPONG removes all of the complexity associated with DePIN, offering you a familiar and simple-to-use app. Get the DePIN aggregated mining app here:

Imagine trying to become a blockchain miner. Depending on the blockchain, you’ll need to select different types of hardware and software, following specific set-up procedures. Participating in DePIN can be equally complex, requiring a lot of specialized knowledge. 

PINGPONG changes all of that! From your perspective, using their app is as simple as creating an account, downloading and launching the app, and earning right away! Their system will take care of all the complicated stuff in the background. With their DePIN Liquidity Hook Money Market system, they have aggregated a ton of different DePIN network mining and point-earning mechanisms. So, while you simply activate their app with a single click on virtually any of your personal devices, their mining algorithm automatically optimizes the routing and allocating of your computational resources to achieve maximal yields for you. You won’t have to learn dozens of different systems and procedures to try to find out what works best. 

The Money Market

While already impressive and incredibly advantageous, PINGPONG’s innovation doesn’t end there. Check out PINGPONG’s money market:

If you’ve been in crypto for a while, you’re likely already familiar with DeFi and the different markets through which you can trade countless types of assets. Well, given that your computational resources, when allocated optimally and dynamically through PINGPONG’s aggregated networks generate profits, they can be treated as a yield-bearing asset as well. 

That’s exactly what the PINGPONG team has done. They’ve turned your ability to use your personal devices to earn profits into DePIN-mining-based yield-bearing derivatives and created a money market for you to trade these, thereby manufacturing yet another lucrative DeFi mechanism. Hence, the field of DePINFi is born. 

PINGPONG’s All-In-One SDK for Developers 

If you’re a developer interested in building on DePIN, well there’s even more good news for you!

Just as their consumer-facing app simplifies DePIN for regular users, their all-in-one SDK does just that for developers. 

Think of PINGPONG as the 1Inch for DePIN. As we’ve seen, the project treats computational resources as a form of liquidity that is aggregated to be leveraged or accessed much more efficiently (as opposed to exploring every network one by one). 

You can also think of PINGPONG as a Kubernetes for DePINs or a control plane for a DePIN data plane. In the former, DePINs are treated as microservices while PINGPONG acts as the manager that provides functions such as API gateways, service discovery, load balancing, and more. In the latter, PINGPONG represents the control plane encapsulating the routing protocol, access control configurations, and more.   

In any case, the result is an SDK that strategizes and automatically selects the optimal DePIN based on a combination of parameters such as pricing, computational resource availability, network health status, and edge/geo response time optimization.  

Morph and PINGPONG’s Perfect Synergy

Our mission at Moprh is to deliver a true consumer blockchain filled with applications that simplify your life. We have a two-pronged approach; we foster and elevate consumer-centric applications with clear added utility to your daily life and we develop the infrastructure and technology needed to achieve better interoperability, efficiency, and user experience.  

PINGPONG mirrors our approach perfectly. Their community or consumer-facing product abstracts all of the back-end complexity of DePIN, enabling your participation in a seemingly complex market through a simple app. On the technical side, they’ve treated computational resources as a new form of DeFi liquidity, aggregating it all to create a DePIN money market for users and an all-in-one SDK for developers. With this unique #DePINFi approach, PINGPONG simultaneously attracts more end users with a consumer-friendly service while encouraging more development through a vastly more efficient system to access decentralized physical infrastructure. 

Join our Morph Zoo Season 1: The Genesis Jungle event now to begin experimenting with PINGPONG and become part of our consumer blockchain revolution.